Exercises for Older Adults

senior exercise

Keeping a healthy heart is important for any older adult. An important step to achieve this goal is staying active. By exercising, we help keep the heart working the way it should, avoid plaque buildup and other issues, and keep the blood flowing evenly.

Seniors must be careful about the activities they participate in, though. They need exercises that focus on the right areas and are not too physically demanding. Instead of intense strength training, they need to opt for a well-rounded approach to staying fit. Below are some exercises that are great for seniors.

1. Swimming: swimming is great for engaging the whole body. The water provides you gentle support while you work at your own pace. The heart becomes stronger as it sends oxygenated blood through your entire body.

2. Walking: walking is a great way to avoid adding extra stress or risk to your body, while also getting a regular physical activity. You can improve your cardiovascular health by simply walking for 30 minutes five times a week. The best part is, swimming and walking can both be done year-round at nearby community or fitness centers. This can help you to maintain your exercise routine. Find friends to exercise with, or join an exercise group, to help make your exercises more enjoyable and social.

3. Yoga: yoga is an essential activity to consider, though it isn’t typically used as a primary form of exercise for someone wanting to improve their heart health. There are many ways you can use yoga to help with your cardiovascular health. It is a great exercise that promotes good heart health and is relaxing.

4. Weight training: weight training is another wonderful way to improve your heart health, but you should talk with your doctor about any injury risk before you start a weightlifting regimen.

When you weight training correctly, you will help your body process sugar, fat, and calories better, as well as help your cardiovascular health. When your muscles are stronger, they are more effective at doing their job and can greatly reduce how much work your heart must do. It is best to start off with small weights then carefully move your way up to a more serious workout. Always consult a fitness professional or doctor to help you work out the right plan.

There are also many small changes you can make to daily life that will help promote good health. Some simple changes to add more activity to your life include stretching while you watch television, taking your dog out for an extra walk, or standing while on the telephone. Any extra movements can help you keep your heart healthy.

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